Bare Form has merged into DaKor

by TheGradius, 2811 days ago

The Bare Form raiding team has merged with DaKor.

We are now in DaKor ( Our GM, Lelak, has stepped up and become the new GM of the guild.

Bare Form was founded on April 12th, 2008. It was a merger of two guilds who hadn't seen past Void Reaver in Tempest Keep. Since then we have become a force to be reckoned with.

Though we started late in BC (After 2.4 hit), we cleared everything up to Kalecgos.

We were one of the few 2.4 guilds that didn't skip Vashj and Kael before entering BT/Hyjal. We spent nights learning the fight and clearing the bosses before moving on to Tier 6 content.

The guild tag will be missed, but everything that is and was Bare Form is still present in our new guild. The players, the attitude, and most importantly, the fun.

Thank you for being a part of it,

Former Co-Founder and Main Tank of <Bare Form>

*Edit for hijacking and adding more screen shots.

To be honest this post has been days in the making because I couldn't
bring myself to open the thread. I loved this guild as much as I love
raiding with you guys. Thank you for the laughs, the raids and for letting
me be your GM. It's been a wild and crazy ride. I'm damned proud of
Bare Form and I am damned proud of all of you.

Former Co-Founder and GM of <Bare Form>

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We Have Black Protos

by TheGradius, 2820 days ago

All of Wrath is now officially clear.

Bare Form has both Heroic and Normal Glory of the Raider.

See you in Ulduar.

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Bare Form gets The Immortal!

by TheGradius, 2827 days ago

Bare Form got The Immortal tonight.

See you in Ulduar!

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